Linkedin Auto

Linkedin Auto is an automated tool on the LinkedIn platform,that has functions such as automatic connect, automatic messages, automatic likes, and batch withdrawal.

Chrome browser installation steps

  1. After downloading the installation package, extract it and copy the "Linkedin Auto (Chrome)" file to the D drive(other drives are also available, as long as this folder can be found during installation).
  2. Open Google Chrome, select the menu in the upper right corner >> Extensions >> Manage Extensions, and enter the extension page.
  3. Open the 'Developer mode’ button and click on 'Load unpacked'.
  4. Select the "Linkedin Auto (Chrome)" folder you just copied.
  5. The following message indicates successful installation, and there will be a LinkedIn Auto icon in the upper right corner.
  6. After successful installation, it is necessary to restart the browser and open the LinkedIn page (linkedin. com). There will be a LinkedIn Auto icon in the upper right corner, which can be opened and used


  1. Do not delete the "Linkedin Auto (Chrome)" file copied to the D drive;
  2. When opening the Chrome browser, a deactivation reminder will pop up. Please do not deactivate it;