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Automatic connect

Automatically connect to search for contacts and Sales Navigator contacts, with precise control over addition speed and automatic page flipping. This feature allows you to quickly expand your network


Automatic message

Linkedin Auto can automatically send messages to all people or designated individuals, and can accurately control the sending speed. It can also intelligently add titles based on the other person's name to avoid duplicate sending.


Automatic likes

Linkedin Atuo can automatically like the dynamics of followers and accurately control the likes speed without repeating likes. This feature can increase LinkedIn activity, increase exposure, and gain more opportunities for collaboration.



The connection in the banned list will not be sent when automatically sending messages, but will be skipped directly to avoid disturbing important customers.


Batch withdrawal

Withdrawal can release the occupied Connect slots, while Linkedin does not have a batch recall function and requires manual withdrawals one by one, which not only wastes time but also affects finding customers. Linkedin Auto can achieve rapid batch recall.


Smart Insert Name

When sending a message or connec, the surname or first name can be intelligently inserted based on the other party's name, without the need for manual input.